Liv Buli, AUTHOR

Liv Buli is the creator and author of the Vizkidz series. A data journalist by trade, she knows all too well how data literacy can be a challenge for her readers. That's how she came up with the idea of writing fun stories that teach kids how to interpret data. Buli is currently traveling the world with her husband and their one-year-old daughter. She splits her time between teaching, writing, and consulting work (and booking flights and AirBnBs of course). 



Mark Carey is an animator and illustrator working and living in New York City, and is the artist behind Penelope Pie Throws a Pizza Party. He grew up outside of Boston with a passion for two things – art and sailing. He is either working in animation, film, or virtual reality, or he has found a way onto a boat somewhere. His ultimate goal is to become a modern day artist/pirate.

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