Vizkidz: A series of books on data Viz for kidz!

Help Penelope figure out how to solve the puzzle and make sure all the guests at her birthday party can enjoy their favorite slice of pizza pie! Penelope prefers plain, but Barnaby Barchart, Laney Line, and Bertie Boxplot all have a favorite topping. 

Penelope Pie’s Pizza Party is the first book in the Vizkidz series. Delving into these stories, kids will learn how to compare data sets in a bar chart, that pie charts best illustrate parts of a whole, that correlation does not equal causation, and other valuable lessons about the fundamentals of data analytics. 

Data collection and analysis is a core function of modern industry, but data literacy is lagging behind. The amount of information we process every day can be of massive value, but only if we are able to keep up.

Through their fun-filled adventures and number-crunching challenges our Vizkidz help young readers explore the fundamentals of data analytics and computational thinking. In a STEM-centric digital world, these are skills kids definitely need for the future.



Meet Miss Penelope Pie. She loves puzzles, and parties, and all kinds of pie. She’ll solve any problem, but she is also a little bit shy.                   



The thing about Barnaby Barchart – he's a wee bit of a braggart, but that's just because he wants everyone to see how special he really is.



This is the lovely Laney Line. Sure, she's a little bit wacky and talks a mile a minute – but she has a big heart, a quick mind, and loves to connect the dots!



Poor Bertie Boxplot worries an awful lot. But he sees just how unique and wonderful every friend is, and always makes sure that everyone is included!