A series of books on data visualization for children


penelope PIE

Meet Penelope Pie. She's a little bit shy, but she is terribly clever. She loves puzzles, and pizza, and all kinds of pie.

laney Line

This is Laney Line. Sure, she's a little bit wacky and talks a mile a minute – but she has a big heart, a quick mind, and loves to connect the dots! 


The thing about Barnaby Barchart – he's a wee bit of a braggart, but that's just because he wants everyone to see how special he really is.

bertie BOXPLOT

Ol' Bertie Boxplot is definitely an eternal curmudgeon, but he always does his very best to make sure everybody is included!  


This is the story of Penelope Pie and her friends, Laney Line, Barnaby Barchart, and Bertie Boxplot.

All of our characters have a singular spirit and set of skills, and we follow their adventures as they each solve a problem. For instance, when Penelope Pie throws a party for her birthday, someone needs to figure out how to divvy up the pizza so each guest can have their favorite topping. Fortunately, Penelope is just the girl for the job! 

Through solving these problems, the stories of Penelope and her friends illustrate the basic concepts of data visualization. A pie chart best portrays parts of a whole in context, line graphs – a trend over time, bar charts (often underestimated) allow for easy comparison, and box plots give us a great sense of how data is distributed. 

In a time where data and its application is considered fundamental to most industries, we are giving kids a head start by introducing the core concepts and basics of data visualization, early on.