Hi there, 

We are Liv and Abigail. We are a data journalist and a designer who have worked together in the music, tech, and analytics space for many years. We are definitely nerds, but like to think we are cool nerds. Somewhere along the road we became good friends, and somewhere along the road we decided to work on this project together. 

This is the story of Penelope Pie and her friends, Laney Line, Barnaby Bar, and Bertie Boxplot. All of our characters have a singular spirit and set of skills, and we follow their adventures as they each solve a problem. For instance, when Penelope Pie throws a party for her birthday, someone needs to figure out how to divvy up the pizza so each guest can have their favorite topping. Fortunately, Penelope is just the girl for the job! 

Through solving these problems, the stories of Penelope and her friends illustrate the basic concepts of data visualization. In a time where big data and its application is considered fundamental to most industries, we are giving kids a head start by introducing these concepts, and what they ideally represent, early on. 

Our experience and background is what leads us to believe that this is really important. Working in data and analytics in the music industry, we spend every day thinking about how to best visualize and communicate data to a world of users that don't necessarily know too much about it. 

It occurred to us, that it would have been pretty sweet to learn this stuff a lot earlier in life. And when Liv found out she would be having a little girl, it was clear that that now was the time to get cracking. We want this little girl to have her very own copy of ViZKidZ. 

Together we have been working on the series in our spare time, and it's been a lot of work, but crazy fun. We've been developing our characters, drafting and re-drafting story lines, grappling with illustrations, and thinking through our business strategy. We're in a place where we are ready to put the final touches on book #1, and send it off to print.