It's a pleasure to meet you!

We are Liv and Abby, a data journalist and a product designer who have worked together in the music, tech, and analytics space for many years. We are definitely nerds, but like to think we are borderline cool nerds. Somewhere along the road we became good friends, and somewhere along the road we decided to work on this project together. 

We spend every day thinking about how to best visualize and communicate data to a world of users that don't necessarily know too much about it.

This experience and background is what leads us to believe that teaching data visualization to kids in a fun and engaging way could be really valuable. Big data has become a key component of pretty much every industry, and learning how to interpret and analyze that data early on, is a head start we would have wanted when we were kids. 

Together we have created these characters and a world where they explore, solve problems, and overcome challenges that help illustrate how fundamental data visualizations work. We're marrying thoughtful design and captivating stories to share a useful message. We believe that complex concepts can be communicated in a simple way. 

The best books ever written on data visualization”
— Edwin Tufte
This series of books is so lit”
— random data scientist
All children should for suresies learn about data viz”
— Bill Obama